Weill Cornell Medical College, NYC

The Seandel Laboratory



*March , 2021  Seandel Lab awarded  5-yr R01 from NICHD to study Negative Feedback signaling in Spermatogonial Stem cells

*December, 2019 Biology of reproduction - Loss of Tyrosine Kinase Receptor EPHB2 impairs proliferation and stem cell activity of spermatogonia in culture

*May, 2019 PLOS Genetics - Functional robustness of adult spermatogonial stem cells after induction of hyperactive Hras

*June, 2018 - CONGRATULATIONS to Dr. Martin on her new position at the New York stem Cell foundation !!!!!

*May, 2018 - Nature Communications - Spermatogonial Stem CELLS provide a Reservoir for Zika Virus Transmission

*April, 2016 - Nature Communications - Epigenetic Mechanism for lineage plasticity of spermatogonial stem cells

*November, 2015- SEANDEL Lab receives award through Starr Cancer Consortium 9th grant competition in collaboration with Drs. Zsofia Stadler (MSKCC) and Michael Wigler (CSHL)  

*October, 2015 - Dr. Yamada REceives 2015 Tri-I Starr Stem Cell Scholars Fellowship 

*June, 2015 - Dr. Martin receives 2015 NYSCF-Drukenmiller Fellowship (see LINK)

​*July ,2014 - Seandel lab addresses  Paternal AGe effect mechanism  in STEM CELL REPORTs


*February, 2014   - Dr. Seandel featured on "Stem Cell Universe with Stephen Hawking,"  Science Channel

*September, 2013 - NIH NEW INNOVATOR Award for  stem cell competition as a driver of human disease risk